To be human is to hold secret spaces within yourself:

To be human is to hold secret spaces within yourself. What you appear to be to others and what you project on the surface is often not what you are at all. Within your secret spaces, you hold many aspects of yourself that you often keep hidden. Why do you do this? We the Pleiadians tell you that it is the usual human condition and something to be aware of. To begin with, you must understand how it is that you have constructed so many hidden secret spaces within yourself.

To understand anything is to become aware, and in time, you can even gain a sense of enlightenment. Awareness is the first conscious step to uncover, collect and put together all your many parts. These so-called parts that you have managed to hide away are vital to your whole being. As it is now, you most likely reveal only a smaller portion of all that that you are. What others often see are only certain elements that you allow to surface, and the rest, you store in your secret spaces.
Why are you afraid to allow all the contents of your secret spaces to be known? Why do you have trouble fully integrating all your parts? Why do you only express a portion of the whole sum of who you are? It will certainly take time and concentrated thought to come up with answers to these questions as you ponder the plight of being human.

The first thing to know is that you have never truly and completely realized that you have secret spaces contained so deeply within yourself. So many times, you have floundered in your life. This is because you learned from an early age how to navigate the Earth realm in a way that would keep you safe. It may be quite an amazing revelation to know that from the moment babies are born, they began to learn immediate coping skills.

Life in the Earth realm is not an easy place to be! This is why you certainly have good reason from the very beginning of your life to start compartmentalizing many aspects of yourself. As time goes on, you have learned how to sort, file and tuck your aspects away safely. In fact, you have become quite adept at shuffling your secret spaces around and drawing out just what you need at any given moment.