Awakened souls are instinctively drawn to each other. When they meet, it’s an encounter like no other, because these people are able to identify similar frequencies in no time.
If you are an awakened person, you are well aware that it’s not a problem to precisely pinpoint, even in a bigger crowd, the people who match your vibration. Some of them have already completed their awakening process (if that’s even possible), but other are just at the dawn of their enlightenment journey.
When you notice someone who got stuck along the way of their awakening process, you might feel compelled to help them out. And it is a completely natural reaction, but it doesn’t always mean that it’s the best decision. So be careful with it. Sometimes people need to go through hurdles and hardship to learn crucial karmic lessons. The following checkpoints represent steppingstones to a better and more fulfilled life. If you went through the process of awakening, you had probably stumbled upon most, if not all, of these, and if not they will give you insight on the things that might follow. Don’t rush yourself through them, take your time and pay close attention, because if you skip any, it will get you right back at the starting point.

So, how does the awakening process work?
Awakening is a never-ending process, but there are common occurrences or checkpoints that take place. These events slowly transform a person’s life. If you’re On your journey of Awakening, You Have to Go Through These 11 Stages:

Stage 1: Confusion
At the start you will feel a bit lost, like a ship without a compass. Things seem monotonous, dull and lifeless, it confuses you. You will be at a loss for words and afraid of moving forward in life.

Stage 2: Restlessness
You are not happy with where your life is going. It makes you feel restless and frustrated. All of the sudden the burning desire for change that you have been trying to keep dormant for such a long time has exploded, giving your awakening process a momentum. The idea that your life is your own responsibility starts to come out. You do everything to take it back into your own hands. You realize that your own happiness is not dependent on people or any external circumstances. Your intention to get your power back; activates your energy, your chakras, and your soul. Awakening has begun the moment you open your eyes.

Stage 3: Epiphany
This phase is an emotional roller coaster ride. Life is not the same anymore; all the colours shine that bit brighter, all the smells are stronger; you start to experience ecstatic emotions like bliss, euphoria, and freedom. But despite all this, pain is still present; the emotions surrounding your past confront you, you begin to ask how you have chosen to live your life. You start to question and challenge everything.

Stage 4: Push and Pull
There is an onset of a tug of war, you are in a dilemma between closing your eyes and opening them, fear slowly creeps within you; all because you’re not prepared for the consequences, should you move forward to the path of awakening; the leap into the unknown is far too scary, when coupled with the crumbling of things all around you, everything starts to be meaningless: your life, your beliefs, you seem to get stuck and bewildered. You begin to notice that you are walking on shaky grounds that may explode anytime. This is a critical moment because those who continue along this path transform, those who don’t go back to sleep.

Stage 5: Darkness
Everything around you starts to collapse, you find yourself in the dark, but you need to be in the dark to understand more of the light. The state of the world may disturb you: poverty, greed, and even the state of the environment. You wonder why this happened. The feeling of depression leads you to wonder how you’re going to blend with the society. You are consumed by the desire to be alone, to be in nature, to be a hermit, all of these desires burn inside you. You feel alone and lost because no one understands what you’re going through; you have nothing to cling to except to seek the answer to this question: “Who Am I?” Know thy self, and you will realise that just because others do not understand you it is their challenge, not yours; they do not know or understand themselves, so how can they understand you.

Stage 6: Connectedness
You feel that there is no need to change the world or others; you can only change the world and others by changing yourself. You slowly feel the connectedness between you and the world. Your focus shifts to love and gratitude, you have the urge to research and study spirituality and all things metaphysical. You follow that urges; your perception of the world changes and you realize you are sent to Earth for a higher purpose.

Stage 7: Synchronicity
You appreciate the interconnectedness of everything: nature, animals, stars. You feel you are a part of the universe and the universe is part of you. As your consciousness expands, you start to see the world more deeply and more connected, with the broadening of your intuition and psychic abilities, the equality and oneness of all things become plain to you now. Synchronicity starts to manifest in your life; you realise that what shapes your reality are your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You slowly start to shift and change your lifestyle to support this.

Stage 8: Self Authenticity
With this new state of awareness, you feel you are one with the universe. You get more clarity of your purpose. The tangible things you see no longer matter to you. You fix your focus on the greater power of energy and intention.
Your true, authentic self-starts to emerge. This authentic self is what walks you towards your higher purpose, and your higher purpose is to share your authentic self with the world.

Stage 9: Higher Consciousness
When you find your alignment with your true, authentic self, ideas begin to fill your mind dramatically. You attract abundance through your ideas and creations; inspiration takes place. You begin to see your destiny more clearly as things start to unfold; your life starts to transform, your experiences and the people around you reflect your state of higher consciousness. The challenges along the way no longer baffle you because you are fully equipped emotionally and spiritually.

Stage 10: Co-creation
As you continue your journey, you realise that you co-create with the Divine. Things get better, bigger, and have more flow when you surrender and work with the Divine. You feel the guidance while you create alongside with the Source energy. You feel a stronger connection with your spirit guides, guardian angels, or your higher self, your intuition is getting a lot stronger and you start to develop some psychic gifts.

Stage 11: Unconditional Love
You start to be in alignment with unconditional love as your work alongside the Divine progress. You feel you are love, radiate love and feel love; it becomes clear to you that this life is only temporary; it is given to you to experience and enjoy. In the end you come to realize that the whole process of awakening is and always has been for your greater good.

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