Pineal Gland

Located in the geometric centre of our brain, the Pineal Gland is a relatively small gland, it is depicted as a pinecone in many illustrations, when all of the elements are shut tight the Pineal Gland is closed, when it is open and all of the element are radiating like tiny antennae it is open and active.
The largest amount of blood of all organs flows through the Pineal Gland right after the kidney. However, the mainstream of science claims they do not know what function the Pineal Gland performs, but it is clear that there are those within humanity that do understand the function of the Pineal Gland.
The Pineal Gland contains cells that are actually more or less the same as those in the human eye, known as pinealocytes, but these are the same cells, they are connected to our brain’s visual cortex with the same nervous connection as our eyes.

Ancient traditions literally call the Pineal Gland the third eye as it provides the insight and connection to the divine.
Humanity used to have a much bigger Pineal Gland than the ones we currently have. However, due to negative genetic manipulation, poisoning the food and water that humanity consume those who seek to control and manipulate humanity, have tried to design a modern human in such a way that they did not have a functional Pineal Gland and were therefore unable to receive guidance or communicate with the rest of the galaxy and ultimately the universe. Fortunately, positive extra-terrestrial groups are bringing everything back genetically and by assisting humanity to regain its sovereignty.
This was part of a great experiment from 22 different genetic experiences conducted by 40 different extra-terrestrial groups to assist in the rescuing of humanity. This experiment was not only genetic but also spiritual, the extra-terrestrials have tried to improve humanity in spiritual terms by stimulating a rise in vibration back to the higher conscious levels, allowing humanity to re-join the higher vibrational realms. On Earth there are still those who seek to isolate humanity from the rest of the universe, the placing into low orbit of a range of some 400,000 satellites broadcasting signals that directly block the Earth and humanities connection to the universe is directly to prevent humanity from re-ascending.

Many informants suggested that in ancient paintings or in Buddhist illustrations the portrayed aura looks more like a crown, which would indicate that the Pineal Gland was more active, and it produces some kind of light phenomenon, those that are able to see auras often say about the halo and the overall aura associated with the more enlightened, it is obvious that painters and illustrators of old were able to see such things and were able to record the phenomena.
Clearly there is a direct connection between the Pineal Gland and the development and expansion of the astral body. If our Pineal Gland cells were activated only in a small part, let alone complete launch, we could literally fly in space and take our rightful place amongst the rest of the ascended beings.
The Pineal Gland is defined as a stargate, a portable biological portal built into our physical bodies that allow us to access information, emotions and remain connected with everything. Humanities ancestors could manipulate matter and communicate over vast distances without the need for technologies that did not exist at that time. The Pineal Gland is a device that much of humanity does not have access to yet, much of the human diet has been designed to calcify the Pineal Gland and keep it tightly shut down, thus preventing humanity from reaching its full potential.

Many extra-terrestrial beings walk amongst us, they use Source DNA manipulated by their astral bodies to design their Physical form and consciousness to allow themselves to adapt to other physical environments and to blend in with the indigenous life.
Later through this combination they send this information back to the physical bodies that they inhabit to allow changes to manifest in the body’s vibrations to adapt their vibrations to the vibration of the environment where they are located. Then the use translocator portals or ‘teleport’ to Earth by connecting with its consciousness. There are many different terminologies determining what these more advanced beings are able to perform, however they are walking amongst us helping humanity along its path of enlightenment and re-ascension into the higher realms. The halo as shown in ancient illustrations is likened to the event horizon of an intergalactic wormhole, a connection to the rest of the sentient beings of the galaxy and the universe, this level of illumination, the halo is indicative of the Pineal Gland being open and active.

The paintings of a halo around the head of people or an aura around a person indicates that they are fully connected and open and radiating their true higher vibrational energy, these people really had developed their light body and their Pineal Gland was fully open and connected, they were highly developed spiritually, very intuitive and were revered as ‘gods amongst men’. People who have developed their light bodies are clair-voyant/audient and sentient, they are also able to see the light bodies of others.

In Tibet people use, thin, sharp sticks that poke into the forehead, to stimulate the Pineal Gland, they know the ancient wisdom and know that by stimulating the Pineal Gland they can access the divine and reach enlightenment.
Changing our diet and undertaking meditations and allowing the current light energies in will help decalcify and open the Pineal Gland and allow humanity to reconnect with the rest of the universe.


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