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Foot SPA Detox

Why have a Foot SPA Detox?

In our every day life we encounter a variety of toxins that adversely affect our bodies, from the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, the water that we drink and bathe in and the electromagnetic and electrical energy of the environment in which we live and work, along with recreational substances like tobacco, alcohol, drugs, anaethetics, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial pollutants, all of these factors are contributory to our bodies’ state of poor well being.

Foot SPA Detox is a simple yet very powerful treatment that; In the course of six thirty minute treatments at weekly intervals, will re-balance, re-energise and detoxify the body allowing normal toxins to be released more easily, which in turn allows nutrients and Oxygen to be absorbed more effectively by the cells in the body promoting a sense of wellbeing. With our body’s systems saturated with synthetic chemicals, prescription drugs, residue from smoking, food additives, anti oxidants, colourings and heavy metal pollutants such as lead, cadmium, caesium and mercury our bodies natural defence systems are becoming unable to cope, this leads to our blood losing the ability to sustain us and we become less healthy. The Foot SPA detox is an ideal way to help our bodies become healthier by stimulating the removal of toxins and heavy metals from the cells in the body, by enhancing the free flow of the red blood cells and by providing a rebalancing of the electrical charge around the cells in the body which leads to better absorption of nutrients and oxygen which in turn leads to us becoming healthier.

CAP and the ASA understand that the body’s liver and kidneys automatically detoxify and excrete many toxic materials, including metabolic wastes, and has not seen any evidence to support the theory that toxins can be removed from the body by other means. (see Detoxing General under the CAP Tab)


What are the benefits?

The Foot SPA Detox system provides additional resources to the body’s bio-electrical system which enhances the body’s innate ability to rebalance and detoxify itself, this in turn enables the red blood cells to flow more freely, stimulates the cells in the body to release toxins more easily and absorb oxygen and nutrient more efficiently.


The Treatment

Whilst sitting comfortably with your feet in a specially designed Foot SPA, sipping a glass of cool water, the ‘Electrolytic Array’ in the Foot SPA produces a bio-electrolytic field that passes through the water in the Foot SPA and into the body, this stimulates the cells in the body to release toxins whilst increasing the cells ability to absorb nutrients and oxygen, this allows the body to feel balanced and re-energised which leads to absorbing more nutrients from your food and removing more toxins from your body, this is a regenerative process.

At the start of the treatment the water is crystal clear, during the treatment (even in the first few minutes) the water in the Foot SPA will change colour, to either a yellowy orange, green, Brown or in some cases black.


The Scientific bit (How it Works)!

The array produces an alkaline electron rich (energy reservoir) medium for the body to draw upon; this energy is distributed around the body. Indications show that there is a marked change in the blood free flow and electrical balance of the patient. The overall effect on Live blood microscopy demonstrated better flowing blood cells, blood pressure fell suggesting a reduction of peripheral resistance. The reduction in pulse, diastolic blood pressure as well as improvements in arterial stiffness and heart rate variability suggests a reduction in sympathetic nervous systems activity.
Patients comment on a pleasant experience whilst using the Foot SPA, some stated that it was 24 hours later when they felt significant improvement in their energy levels with comments like I could walk further and I was not out of breath, or I felt terrific and energised the following day, my wee smelt a bit strong and was darker than usual (this is the result of the detoxification process through the kidneys).


The Foot SPA Detox enhances the body’s innate ability to rebalance and detoxify itself, this in turn enable the blood cells to flow more freely and assists the cells in the body to release toxins more easily whilst stimulating the cells to absorb oxygen and nutrient more efficiently.

Overall the body passes into a neutral reaction state where the energy provided from the Foot SPA is distributed in a rebalancing manner.

The overall effect of using the foot spa detox was that patients felt very energetic and that their breathing was easier following the treatment, urine in many cases became darker in colour this the body dumping toxins from the organs, this is perfectly normal, patients are advised to rest for a minimum period of 30 minutes to an hour, whilst drinking plenty of water ideally 1.5 to 2 litres during the rest of the day following the treatment.


The Foot Spa Detox treatment is a complementary therapy and does not take the place of conventional medicine but is believed by many to ‘complement it’, should you have any concerns about receiving a A Foot Spa Detox treatment you are advised to consult a approprietly ‘Qualified Medical Practitoner i.e. your GP’.


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