Basic Meditation Techniques…

Aid Stress, Relaxation and Spiritual Growth
Basic meditation techniques can be learned with very little effort. Schedule a time when you can relax, a time when you have nothing else you have to do.
Learning Meditation is extremely beneficial to you, so start by doing a short five to ten minute relaxation meditation. There are many types of meditations and once you have learned the basics, you can tailor them later to suit yourself. There are many benefits of meditation for your health, as well as helping your spiritual growth. It can be especially beneficial to combine these ideas with the use of specific crystals, and it’s easy to use your crystals in meditation. Either hold them in your hand, or for large pieces, simply place them in a position close to where you like to do your daily meditation, so that their energy can aid the relaxation process.

Daily Meditation: Meditation Preparation:
Follow these easy tips for daily meditating. The first thing you need to do to start using these basic meditation techniques is to work out a time when you can take five to ten minutes to learn how to do this. Find a chair, sofa, bed, beanbag or pouf, in which you can relax, but fairly upright, with your feet placed on the floor. Make sure you are feeling reasonably comfortable, as otherwise you will have your mind on your comfort. To help you to relax more easily, you may like to put on some relaxing music. Using specifically written meditation music is one of the basic meditation techniques that may help you to relax more easily while meditating.

  • Directions for a Basic Relaxation Meditation:
    * Close your eyes and take a nice slow deep breath in, and as you let it out, allow yourself to relax.
    * Take another slow deep breath in, and as you let it out feel the stresses and strains of every-day life drain down out of your body, like letting dirty water draining out of your body.
    * Take another slow deep breath, as you breathe out, release more stresses and strains till it is all gone.
    * Take another slow deep breath, and let it out, this is a holding breath.
    * Take another slow deep breath in and as you breath in it’s like a stirrup pump sucking fresh clean renewing energy up from the Earth into your body.
    * Take another slow deep breath in until you are full of renewing energy.
    * Take another slow deep breath in and this time move your awareness to your head and neck, as you breathe out allow all the cluttered thoughts drain away.
    * Take another slow deep breath in and this time move your awareness into your chest, as you breathe out allow all the clutter drain away.
    * Take another slow deep breath in and this time move your awareness into your stomach, as you breathe out allow all the clutter drain away.
    * Take another slow deep breath in and this time move your awareness into your hips and legs, as you breathe out allow all the clutter drain away.
    * Next place your attention on the area just above your head, and imagine a ball of golden light hovering there. Move your attention to that golden light, and allow it to move slowly down into your body.
    * Bring the light down through your crown to your third eye, relaxing both your crown and the rest of your head. Move it on down to your throat, and just let any tension there drain away.
    * As you bring the light in to your heart area, allow it to expand out, filling your heart with the loving vibration of Spirit.
    * Fully relax as you allow the golden light to vibrate within you, and feel its loving energy clearing any emotional hurt or pain you may be feeling within your heart.
    * Let the light move down through your stomach, filling your solar plexus and sacral areas with this peaceful light.
    * Finally take the golden light down to the base of your spine, then down through your base and in to the earth where the energy melds with Mother Gaia.
    * Allow this energy to fully ground you to the Earth. Let yourself fully connect to the Earth and permit yourself to fully make contact with Mother Gaia and her energy.
    * Now allow the ball of golden light to expanding outwards from your body, forming a bubble of light around your entire body.
    * Allow the golden light to flow out into your entire aura. Allow it to expand out to all layers of your auric field, energizing you on all levels and totally protecting you.
    * Continue to remain with the Golden light filling you for as long as you wish.
    * Give yourself some time to simply sit in this lovely relaxed state and let your thoughts float, knowing that this powerful golden light is permeating your complete body.
    * Feel it clearing any disharmony within you, and stimulating healing on all levels of your being.
    * When you are ready just say ‘Thank You’ to Spirit, and release the light, and as you do, allow any excess energy to move down to Mother Gaia.

Stones to use with Basic Meditation Techniques:
Basic meditation techniques like this can be accompanied by the use of healing crystals. There are a number of benefits of meditation and there are many crystals you might want to use to aid you. Doing a meditation with crystals where you use specific stones is very helpful. Any stone may be used, but those shown below are particularly helpful to bring through peace and inner harmony. You may also like to do a grounding meditation to aid you to become more grounded, especially if you have been known to become easily ungrounded. Grounding crystals include Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian, Shamanite also known as Black Calcite and Black Tourmaline. You can read about the symptoms of being ungrounded, and there is details on some grounding stones that you can use to ground you. Once you have learned to do basic meditation techniques like this, the next step is to move onto doing an in-depth crystal meditation. There are many helpful healing crystals that you can use, but this will depend on what you hope to achieve. If you are working on developing particular gifts you may choose specific crystals for that purpose. You can start using specific crystals to do a meditation to boost psychic gifts or a specific chakra based meditation such as third eye meditation. Basic meditation techniques can be learned by taking some time each day to be there. Start with a few minutes and then move on to longer periods if you like it. You can use high vibration crystals to meditate with, as this can be powerful to move your spiritual growth forward quickly, the important part is make the time to do a meditation every day. You will be pleasantly surprised how even a few minutes a day can make an enormous difference to your health, both physically and spiritually. Meditation is one of the best methods to relieve stress, so do it today as it’s just so easy to get started.

Using Quartz Crystals for Meditation:
Quartz crystals are powerful to use for meditation as you can program them very easily.  The programs you install can help you to achieve your goals during your daily period meditating.

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