Inside the Arcturian Starship Athena:

Starship Athena is finest of all Arcturian Starships and helps protect Earth from all negative threats.
We want to take you aboard the Arcturian Starship Athena. By understanding this great race, we can help our own lives and personal development and by studying their systems we can know what to aspire to create.
The Starship Athena is not made of material such as plastics and silica ceramic tiles like our space ships. Rather the Arcturian cruiser is constructed of materials that appear to be part organic by those who have witnessed this great majestic spaceship. This organic quality provides an almost living quality to the Starship, as the Arcturians see life in all things emulating from the One Source. The Arcturian Star ship would be impossible for us to see with our eyes (unless the Arcturians wanted us to) as it exists in another dimension and on a much higher vibrational frequency.
Understanding this high frequency of vibration is the key to understanding the mechanics of Athena. The engine rooms house the power supply for which the ship propels itself. The engine is not based upon rocketry or any other sort of combustion system we are familiar with, but rather the ship is propelledby light crystals. These crystals are able to convert light energy from the solar centres and transmute that energy to power the spacecraft. (this maybe be coincide with evidence recently found by NASA of enormous UFOs circling the sun) Athena is also equipped with a room that can only be described as grand database of the galaxy. The Arcturian knowledge of the galaxy and the inhabitants thereof is quite extensive and their stores of knowledge are kept in this room.
Another room very similar to the energy contained in this room is a communications room. The Arcturians use these two rooms in combination with one another to send information and communicate with other Arcturians and other races through what we would refer to as telepathy. In addition to these rooms the Starship has many command rooms for navigation, comfortable living quarters, and even rooms Spaceship Athena for recreation that reminds the Arcturians of their home system.
There is much debate over the weapon systems of the Arcturians. Some channelling these great beings have described them as having no need for weapons whatsoever and are completely peaceful, while others have been able to identify the race as possessing some form of weaponry and shielding for their vehicle. From our best sources, both these conclusions are a form of the truth. The Arcturian Starship is indeed equipped with advanced shielding and defense mechanisms.
Additionally, the Starship Athena is not equipped with any form of weaponry.
The Arcturians understand that all creatures and races must return to the One Source eventually although war is absolutely, the last resort.
The benevolent Arcturian beings have a specific mission to assist humanity into our next level of ascension. With this goal is mind, the last stop on our journey into the Starship Athena is to the soul room. The soul room can be thought of as a hospital in which Arcturians are able to assist the energy of souls in needs and revitalize them for their next learning experience. Here the Arcturians are able to assist those individuals who are ready to raise their vibrational frequencies into the next stage of development.
An understanding of this magnificent Starship allows us to comprehend our mission here on life as well help our fellow man and progress into high stages of spiritual development and awareness. In time of doubt be reminded of the Arcturians ever watchful eye from their perch in the Starship Athena.


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