The Seven Rays of Spiritual Awareness:

  • Everything you do is done with the energy of one or several of the spiritual
    rays. The entire material world is made from the seven rays. Split White light
    with a prism and what do you get, a rainbow of seven colours. Red Orange
    Yellow Green BIue Indigo Violet. Richard Of York Gave Battle ln Vain, just a
    quick little ditty to remember it by.
  • Every limitation you face is created out of a perversion of one or more of the
    seven spiritual rays.
  • The ONLY way to transcend a given limitation is to free yourself from a): the
    belief that created the limitation and b): the low-frequency energy that has
    been generated.
  • The ONLY way to transform the low-frequency energy that is created by
    perverting a given ray is to invoke the pure energy of that ray. Any ray is the
    anti-dote to the perverted energy from that ray.

ln summary, only by knowing the spiritual rays can you effectively identify and
overcome the limitations you face. The following is a description of each ray and its
pure qualities as well as the perversions. Each ray has certain spiritual offices, held
by ascended beings:

  • The Elohim represents an office held by the beings who actually built the
    material universe.
  • The archangel is an office held by beings who serve as messengers or
    intermediaries between the spiritual and the material realm.
  • The Chohan is an ascended master who is primarily working on helping un-
    ascended beings walk the path of initiation that leads towards the ascension.

Colour:                               Electric blue.
Corresponding Chakra:        Throat.
E’ohim:                               Hercules and Amazonia
Archangel:                          Michael and Faith
Chohan:                              Master MORE, known as EI Morya, Morya, Master M, or Bapu.

Pure qualities:
Traditionally as the ray of power and will, yet from a deeper understanding the first
ray represents the creative drive. This is the desire for self-expression, a willingness
to experiment, even when the outcome of the experiment cannot be known ahead of
time. Also a willingness to flow with life and learn from every experience. The first
ray gives rise to the sense that everything matters, that life is exciting and that the
individual truly can make a positive difference. The first ray is also the key to your
willingness to work for raising the whole, instead of raising only yourself.

The perversion of the creative will is a fear of the unknown, which is expressed as an
ability to abuse power in order to control one’s circumstances, including other
people. There is a fear of engaging in activities where the outcome cannot be predicted
or guaranteed, which obviously stifles creativity. People with perverted first ray qualities
are often engaged in a variety of power games with other people, all
based on the desire to control the outcome. This is an attempt to quell the very life
force itself, which always points towards self-transcendence, and instead protect the
separate self and what it thinks it can own in this world. This can lead to a sense of
ownership over other people, which is one of the major sources of conflict on this
planet. In milder cases, people have a fear of being creative and a sense of
powerlessness, feeling that nothing really matters and that an individual cannot
make a difference-thus, why even bother trying.

Colour:                               Golden yellow
Corresponding Chakra:        Crown
Elohim:                               Apollo and Lumina
Archangel:                          Jophiel and Christine
Chohan:                              Lord Lanto

Pure qualities:
Traditionally seen as the ray of wisdom, illumination and self-knowledge. Yet at a
deeper level, it is the ray that empowers you to see that the separate self is unreal
and that separation is an illusion. It is through the second ray that you can
experience the underlying reality that all life is one, because nothing can be
separated from the omnipresent Creator. Openness to a higher understanding is
also a quality of the second ray, as is the realization that there are many valid
expressions of truth that all point to the same underlying reality of oneness.

The perversion of the second ray is the false wisdom, which thinks it knows
everything or has an ultimate truth, This illusion is based on the central illusion of
duality, namely that “reality” can be divided into separate compartments and that the
separate mind has the right and the ability to decide which is true and which is
untrue. The perversions of the second ray can be seen in people who are absolutely
sure that they are right -especially those who have become fanatical -and are
willing to force others into compliance. Another perversion is intellectualism, where
people can argue for or against any idea without ever going beyond the idea to a
direct experience of the Spirit that is beyond words.

Colour:                              Pink
Corresponding Chakra:      Heart
Elohim:                             Heros and Amora
Archangel:                        Chamuel and Charity
Chohan:                            Paul the Venetian

Pure qualities:
Traditionally, the third ray has been seen as the seat of love, compassion, charity,
appreciation for beauty and selflessness. Yet a deeper understanding is that the
third ray is the seat of balance.Love can be seen as the balancing force in life, the force that balances the two basic
forces of creation, namely the outgoing (masculine or Father impulse) and the
contracting (Feminine or Mother impulse). If these two forces are not balanced,
there will be a tendency to take one of them towards the extreme. This means that
anything which is created from imbalance will either be taken too far and thus blow
apart, or it will not be taken far enough, and thus will not come to fruition and will
eventually self-destruct through contraction.
The pure third ray qualities give you the ability to experience unconditionally, namely
the one reality that is beyond the two extremes created by the dualistic mind. You
can feel when something is dualistic, even though you may not yet have a detailed
explanation. You simply sense that conditionality is not “right,” because you
experience the unconditional nature of God/reality in your heart.
Third ray qualities lead to a deep inner sense of oneness with all life, which gives
rise to the ability to discern when something feels right (because it seeks to raise all
life) or feels not right (because it seeks to raise one part of life while putting down
another). It is through the third ray that you can know what is the right thing to do;
even if you cannot yet explain why through the mind. It is also through the third ray
qualities that you can sense when something is driven by a selfish impulse, which
gives you the power to balance yourself.

The primary perversion of the third ray is a lack of balance, but this can be
expressed in many subtle ways. One way is what many people call love, but which
is really a possessive attempt to control others. In extreme forms, this can be
expressed as hatred and the desire to punish or destroy those who refuse to be
controlled. For example, many people fall in love but then begin to express a sense
of ownership towards the person they claim to love.
Another perversion is the firm belief that the ends can justify the means, meaning
that because a person loves this superior cause, it is justified to force or kill other
people in order to further the cause. This perverted form of love has caused some of
the worst atrocities in human history. Few people are harder to convince than those
whose outlook on life has become unbalanced by fanaticism. It is what causes
people to believe that in order to demonstrate their love for `God’, they have to kill
other people.

Colour:                               Brilliant white
Corresponding Chakra:       Base
Elohim:                              Purity and Astrea
Archangel:                         Gabriel and Hope
Chohan:                             Serapis Bey

Pure qualities:
Traditionally, the fourth ray qualities are seen as purity, hope and self-discipline. Yet
at a deeper level, the fourth ray is the interface between your Spirit and your physical
body and the material world. The question asked at the level of the fourth ray is whether you win allow the material world to have power over your Spirit, so you limit your expression in this world. The question is whether you believe the current
conditions in the material world are real, permanent and unchangeable, or whether
you are willing to unleash your creative power in order to accelerate the material
world -the Mother element -beyond current conditions.
The fourth ray qualities empower you to avoid being trapped in the illusion, that the
appearances in the material world are real or permanent. You will thus be able to
avoid being trapped in an endless cycle of seeking to fulfill lower, bodily, carnal or
human desires. Instead, you will see this world as only a tool for your growth in self-
awareness. This means you will effortlessly avoid activities that do not serve this
purpose. Yet this has a deeper layer of understanding, as you will realize it is not a
matter of avoiding all human or physical activities.- it is a matter of spiritualizing
The last illusion to overcome on the spiritual path is the idea that there is a division
between the spiritual and the material realm, between spiritual and material
activities. Instead, you will be able to remain in oneness; making anything you do a
spiritual activity. This will then serve to fulfil the purpose for taking embodiment in
the first place, namely to accelerate the vibration of the entire material universe to a
higher level, where it can become a permanent part of the spiritual realm.

Traditionally the perversion is seen as impurity, and chaos. Yet at a deeper level,
the perversion is the sense that current conditions are real, are the way they should
be or are beyond your power to change. You begin to think this world is separated
from the spiritual realm, perhaps even that it belongs to the devil and that you should
leave it alone, not seeking to change it.
You might even believe you have no right to be a spiritual person in this world or that
you have no right to express your spiritual powers in this world. Instead, you think
you should accept current conditions and adapt to them. As the ultimate perversion,
you might even believe that you are an entirely material being, a product of the
material universe -that you have come from dust and that to dust thou shalt return.
In this state of mind, there is, of course, no hope of acceleration to a higher state.
Yet given that life itself is acceleration into More; this is a state of mind that Jesus
called “death,” meaning spiritual death.

Colour:                               Emerald green
Corresponding Chakra:       Third Eye
Elohim:                               Cyclopea and Virginia
Archangel:                          Raphael and Mother Mary
Chohan:                              Hilarion

Pure qualities:
Traditionally, the fifth ray qualities are seen as truth and vision -yet vision of what?
The fifth ray is the seat of single vision, as illustrated by Jesus in the remark: “lf thine
eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” The single -eyed vision is the
Christ vision, which sees beyond duality. This is based on the realization that ANY expression of “truth” in the material world is less than the Spirit of Truth, and thus
one must look beyond ANY outer expression in order to experience truth.
When one does, one sees that all divisions are unreal, and one sees the need to
raise all life. This gives rise to Christ discernment, the ability to instantly identify and
see through the lies of duality, that always seek to raise up one part of life by putting
down another. This is exemplified in the situation in the Garden of Eden, where the
Serpent said to Eve: “Thou shalt not surely die”, thus inserting the element of doubt
in her consciousness. The fifth ray qualities empower you to see through this
serpentine logic. You can also see that all appearances in the material world are
only temporary, and thus you can hold the immaculate vision for people or conditions
to be transformed.

The perversions are lack of vision, a lack of ability to discern between the one non-
dual Truth and the many dualistic “truths”, leading to doubt and a sense of
hopelessness or the sense that there is no truth. It is also the belief that there is only
one truth, and that it is our truth. Also the sense that because we have the only
truth, we are locked in a battle against those who promote another thought system,
and that it is necessary and justified for us to criticize or even destroy their system.
People who are critical of others people or ideas have perverted the fifth ray
qualities. Another perversion is the tendency to say that if people do or believe
certain things, they are bad people -failing to see beyond temporary appearances.

Colour:                               Purple and gold
Corresponding Chakra:        Solar plexus
Elohim:                               Peace and Aloha
Archangel:                          Uriel and Aurora
Chohan:                              Lady Nada

Pure qualities:
Traditionally, the primary sixth ray quality is seen as peace, but it is a “peace that
passeth understanding.” Thus, it is an inner sense of being unmoved by the dualistic
appearances that are pulling at one from all sides. It is the ability to stand in the
midst of a raging conflict and feel the stillness within. It is the ability to feel the pull
that seeks to draw you into an unbalanced expression of anger, yet you can remain
centred and decide that you do not want to go there.
When you have this peace, you can then give truly selfless service, because you will
intuitively work to bring harmony into every situation. And of course, harmony is the
key to helping people see beyond the dualistic struggle and find common ground. A
person with developed sixth ray qualities is always looking for common ground and
has an ability (especially when the upper chakras are also pure) to draw people
towards common ground.


The immediate perversion of the sixth ray qualities are anger and agitation,
expressed as a very aggressive drive to force others to change or to punish those
who resist. It is a non-peace that also passeth understanding, because there is no
way to reason with a person who has perverted the sixth ray qualities. They act
blindly on their feelings of rage, and they will time and time again do or say things
they regret later. They will even do things that everyone knows is wrong, yet be
completely blind to it at the moment.
Another perversion is what some see as peace, but it is truly passivity, the
unwillingness to take a stand for anything. Thus, people with this perversion tend to
act as victims, who can only react to external forces and refuse to take responsibility
for their lives. There are also people who lose individuality and become part of a
“mob mind” that acts blindly or blindly follows a strong leader. Another perversion is
a blind sense that violence and warfare can provide viable solutions or that in some
situations they are the only way to react, even justified ways to react.

Color:                                 Violet
Corresponding Chakra:        Seat of the soul
Elohim:                               Arcturus and victoria
Archangel:                          Zadkiel and Amethyst
Chohan:                             Saint Germain and Kuan Yin

Pure qualities:
Traditionally, the seventh ray qualities are seen as freedom, forgiveness and justice.
Yet a deeper understanding is that the seventh ray is the seat of your playfulness,
your willingness to approach life according to Jesus’ statement: “Unless you become
as a little child, ye shall in no way enter the kingdom.”
When you embody the pure seventh ray qualities, you feel that you live in a world
that is basically good, and you are here to express yourself and play with what is
available. You are not worried or anxious about life or the future, and you trust that
Spirit will protect you and that the Mother will nurture you. Thus, you feel a sense of
bubbling freedom and a desire to experience what the world has to offer and to add
to it through your own creative expression.

The primary perversion of the seventh ray qualities is a tendency to take life very
seriously. This can be expressed as a perversion of both freedom and justice, which
combines into the sense that you live in a world where everything is a struggle,
perhaps even a struggle against a force that is unjustly seeking to take away your
Take the old saying: “Laugh at the devil, and he runs away from you”. There is a
truth here, in the sense that if you take something too seriously, you give it power
over you. Of course, one might say that there are many things in the world that are
seeking to limit your freedom and that are unjust, so does that mean you should not
take them seriously? Yet there is a balance, where one realizes the truth in another
statement by Jesus: “Be ye wise as serpents, harmless as doves”. There is a fine balance being naive to the temporary Condition in the world and taking them so seriously than you think you cannot feel free until they are changed. As you overcome this imbalance, you realise that the conditions of the material world have power over their spirits.  In reality, we are all spiritual beings, and one of our ultimate tasks on earth is to demonstrate that we will not allow material conditions to limit our spirits and their expression in the world. Allowing our higher selves to express themselves through us is the key to freedom, and it is the playfulness of the divine man-child, who knows he or she is one with the father – and with God (source) all things are possible.

Corresponding Chakra:       Secret chamber of the heart
Archangel:                         Uzziel
Chohan:                             The Maha Chohan

The eighth ray is called the ray of integration, because it requires you to integrate the positive quantities of the first seven rays. This means you must have transcended the perversions of the first seven rays, or they will pull you away from integrating all rays.

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