Meditation Evenings and Recordings:

  The next meditation evening will be on: 25th July 2024
I will endeavour to get the invitations sent out by email on the Tuesday before the Thursday Evening.


Mike Way is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


  The following Dates will be:

  Due to me travelling from 27th June to 22nd July, there will be no further meditations at this time.  Next date will be 25th July 2024.

  Should there be any significant events that need to be notified, I will send out group emails accordingly.

See Meditation Recordings for the list of past meditations available on Dropbox:


  Meditation Recordings:

  14th March 2024

  21st March 2024

  28th March 2024

  4th April 2024

  11th April 2024

  18th April 2024

  25th April 2024

  2nd May 2024–_rKe3b8k5b0pp92u0L8iS5ZqVoyRf49zuE2vMcja5WVAx60.TG2eIVKM24WN5uQD

  9th May 2024

  23rd May 2024

  30th May 2024

  6th June 2024

  13th June 2024

  20th June 2024

I make a discretionary £5.00 charge for the meditation evening.
Should you want to join the mediation group, simply drop me your email address and I will add you to the invitation list.
Invitations are usually sent out on the preceeding Tuesday/Wednesday.
A recording of the evening will be sent out following the meditation, when you listen to the meditation recording it will take you to the time and place of the meditation,
you will drop into a ‘spare socket’, meaning that you will be there for the actual meditation (Quantum Entanglement in operation).

On the website: information/ you will find information that will assist you in
navigating the dimensions and the places that we are visiting, I trust this may be helpful to you.

On the website: are all of the dropbox links to the meditations since 2020 listed by year and month.
When you access the links they will take you to the dropbox repository for the recordings,
simply copy and paste the link into your browser and it will give you access to the directories as they would be if they were stored locally on your computer.

Should you feel that a particualr meditation may be of help and assistance to somebody else, you may pass on the link, it must be with this instruction block added intact, to it.
In the event of internet or power outages, you will be safely returned to the Earth, your home an your body as a matter of courtesy.  Nobody is ever left behind!

It’s a good idea to ensure that your phone/tablet/ laptop is charged or on power.

Payment Bank Details:
Acc: 17492668
Srt: 30 90 78
Michael J Way.

Best regards