Source information to Assist in the Meditations:

Your vibration has been elevated to the seventh dimension (7D), the Ascended Master Level. You have been given a genetic key in four parts (forming a Plus Sign). The key is inserted into the Third Eye Chakra. This key grants you access to The Command and Coordination Ship (The Andromeda Ascendant), The Temple of ASTALA and Biosphere One.

The Ship. The Andromeda Ascendant is a sentient organic living entity which exists as a pure energetic structure, (matter is energy that is vibrating at a very low frequency, giving the appearance of solidity) the ship has the appearance of being pale blue translucent or iridescent glass with electric blue/white Energy Porting System (EPS) conduits running through it. Under normal circumstances the ship is thirty-four miles long, eleven miles wide and four miles high, however – time and space are relative which means that the physical and temporal dimensions do not have to be the same on the inside and outside (as coined by Dr WHO – Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). The power source for the ship is a magnitude five main sequence star, suspended within the gravity well of a uni-polar singularity; this source provides all forms of energy throughout the ship, distributed in pure form through a network of EPS conduits. There are specific environments created throughout the ship for the diverse life forms that are on-board: energetic, organic, liquid, crystalline etc. Specific environments are created and maintained to support all forms of life, gaseous, energetic, liquid, or vacuum.
There is an Arboretum (a four mile long, half mile wide area with an arched transparent roof to space, an ideal environment for relaxing and enjoying nature; trees, water, plants and wild life), Observation Lounge (an interactive environment where you can view all aspects of a solar system, its planets and the life forms), the Lounge is a large round area with sofas tables and chairs around the periphery with views out into space), Bridge (the main flight and navigation area), various engineering levels, Council Meeting Chamber: an oval amphitheatre housing in the region of five thousand beings at any one time, with: Angels and Archangels (usually three hundred and eighty) on the lower tiers, Ascended Masters (usually one hundred and twenty) on the next tiers and the members of the Galactic Federation (usually around three thousand five hundred) on the higher tiers, along with other assorted being who drop in from time to time and the Universal Overseer. Docking Bays are provided for as many vessels as are required for the representatives of the Galactic Federation and other visiting beings, along with accommodation for those representatives and other beings.
The ship has the ability to create modify and sustain any chamber, facility, environment etc. within its structure as may be required by the beings that are on-board.
The ship contains Bioengineering Laboratories (Genetic re-engineering and Healing for any Planet or species within the Universe), along with two Planetary Engineering Workshops – In the event that a solar system or planet is significantly damaged or malfunctioning, the planet and orbiting moons or entire solar system can be Translocated into the workshop to be re-built, re-energised and then returned to its original location.
The ship uses a Translocation Drive or Spatial and Temporal Folding System (STFS), this is a means of folding two locations in time and space, like two corners of a piece of paper, “here and now” and “then and there” then creating a two dimensional portal in each of the location, the transit time is the thickness of the portal (usually about one eighth of an inch).  This means of movement over the vast reaches of time and space is far more efficient and far less energy consuming than using chemical, inertial, impulse and quantum or photonic drives, wormholes, teleportation or hyperspace travel; with the added advantage of being able to travel in time and space not just space, the only provisos with temporal travel is never crossing your own time line and never causing temporal instabilities or parallaxes.
This form of travel allows large objects and numbers of beings to be moved safely without the risk of molecular decomposition or cross contamination during the transition process. Translocation portals are used throughout the ship to facilitate easy movement between diverse areas of the ship, as well as bringing Beings, Vessels/Ships, Planets and solar systems into and out of the Laboratories and workshops.
All communication on-board the ship is telepathic, experiences are shared telepathically as not all beings have a common frame of reference, (how do you explain the sensation of eating a magnum ice cream to a being who has no sensory organs and no concept of food, chocolate, flavours, anticipation, delight, hot and cold, so the experience would be shared in its entirety). As a courtesy detail all beings on-board will appear in a familiar humanoid form to start with until you are more comfortable with the surroundings and environments, at which point they will revert to their normal form.
The ship contains two other environments: Listed on the following sheets: The Temple of ASTALA and Biosphere One.


Temple of ASTALA. Is a large pyramidal structure housing a Reception Area with Translocator Portals, Universal Library, Stellar Cartography, Meditation Chambers, Configurable (non-dimensionally specific) General Space and Living Accommodation.
The Translocator Portal – point of entry to the Temple brings you into the Main Reception: (Translocator Portals are located in all main areas and allow seamless movement between the temple and other vessels).
1. To the rear of the reception is a large round door which leads Stellar Cartography, a very large spherical chamber with a walkway leading to a circular platform at the centre of the chamber, the entire universe, all galaxies solar systems, planets and beings can be viewed, detailed and analyzed in real time.
2. To the left front is a staircase descending to the General Space, a space that can be configured to what-ever is required, an intimate dojo for Thai Chi, a plateau in the Himalayas, or whatever is needed.
3. To the left centre is a staircase leading up to a galleried landing, housing the non human – Living Accommodation, and leading round to the rear of the reception area an arch which leads to the Meditation Chambers. Individual chambers for one or two beings, larger chamber for eight to ten and the main chamber which accommodates up to one hundred and twenty thousand beings.
4. To the right centre is a staircase leading up to a galleried landing, housing the human – Living Accommodation and leading round to the rear of the reception area an arch which leads to the Meditation Chambers. Individual chambers for one or two beings, larger chamber for eight to ten and the main chamber which accommodates up to one hundred and twenty thousand beings.
5. To the right front is a staircase descending to the Universal Library; the library contains everything that has ever happened in the universe since its inception. Information can be accessed in book form, on interactive screens or in interactive environments (similar to a holographic environment) you can observe events however, you cannot change things as they have already happened and been recorded.
Living Accommodation comprises a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a lounge/dining area, you will probably only ever use the lounge, you can configure your chamber in whatever style or colour scheme you are comfortable with. There are patio door leading to a veranda which is configurable to view any environment, the ocean, space, a forest whatever you are comfortable with, in real time. There is a large round ‘poof’ which can be used for re-energising or meditation. There is a Translocator Portal which allows access to virtually all areas of the Temple, The Ship and Biosphere One, along with access to the ships of the Galactic federation in orbit around the Earth or anywhere in this universe.
Staircases: you do not have to climb stairs just think of yourself at the top or bottom of the staircase and you are there.
Beings: as a courtesy detail all beings that you meet will to start with appear in humanoid form until you are comfortable with the environment then they will revert to their normal form.

Biosphere One. A sentient organic living structure, created at the inception of the universe as a “controlled changeless space” within the expanding confines of the birthing universe. This type of structure is commonly known as a Mega-structure or Dyson Sphere, (a Dyson Sphere is a structure with a central power source, usually a sun, and a shell built around the sun at a significant distance.  Life is conducted on the inside surface of the shell). Biosphere One has a power source comprising of a magnitude twelve main sequence star, located at the centre of the structure.  ‘The star’ is located within the gravity well of a uni-polar singularity, the uni-polar singularity is further supported within the linked, opposing poles, of two bipolar singularities that provide energy conduits directly to the North and South Poles of the structure. These energy conduits are encased within part of the main structure which forms the central spine housing resources such as Central Engineering, Bio-engineering Laboratories, Planetary Engineering Workshops, and so forth. The energy conduits also act as part of the main sub light propulsion system, along with ‘sweep clean’ for clearing debris fields in space.  The North and South poles of the structure have shuttered apertures at the event horizons of the singularities, these can be opened and closed allowing matter to be drawn into the central solar mass as fuel as and when required. The structure in normal physical terms is one hundred and 20 million miles in diameter (internally); the Relative size of the outside of the structure is between one foot and one hundred thousand miles in diameter. Being an energetic structure, any environment can be formed on the inside or outside surface of the structure to support any form of life, the same principles are applied to the Temple and the Ship which are later additions to the fleet.

Definition of terms used:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions are Length, Width and Depth the basis for our three dimensional existence.
  • 3rd Dimension:  The level where most humans live.
  • 4th Dimension:  The level of spirit usually associated with Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Spirituality.
  • 5th Dimension:  First of the Ascended (true spiritual) Levels, the Ascended Earth level.
  • 6th Dimension:  Archangels and Angelic Realm.
  • 7th Dimension:  Ascended Master and Galactic Federation Realm.
  • 8th Dimension:  First of the Ascendant ‘God Conscious’ and Higher Galactic Federation, the level where you become one with source, whilst maintaining you individuality, cocooned in a gossamer thin energy bubble.
  • 9th Dimension:  Second of the Ascendant ‘God Conscious’ and Higher ascended Galactic Federation, the level where you become one with source, whilst maintaining you individuality, cocooned in a gossamer thin energy bubble.
  • 10th Dimension:  The Source ‘God Conscious’ Level, where you become one with source, the conscious link to all sentient beings throughout all time and space throughout the entire Universe.
  • 11th Dimension: The Universal Overseers realm.

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