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The descriptions of therapies have had all references to any theraputic value or efficacy removed in accordance with the ‘CAP Code’

Following the issues associated with the corona virus,long Covid, influenza and colds; we have introduced Suplemantal Oxygen Therapy to assist people who are suffering with breathing difficulties; Suplemental Oxygen Therapy is offered either as an add-on therapy to existing treatments or as a stand alone treatment in its own right.

Supplemental Oxygen Therapy

Therapies provided by Mike Way:

What is MUHET?

In our modern world our lives are driven by deadlines, demands and general hassles, it is easy to become tense and lose our sense of inner peace.  MUHET is a simple treatment. (according to the ASA and CAP no claim can be made about the efficassy of the treatment other than to say that “it provides Relaxation and Spiritual Healing” The ASA considers that unless you hold a general medical qualification you should not diagnose, treat or give advice on any condition of a medical nature) MUHET is believed to help relax the physical body, and regain the lost inner peace.

MUHET is a very gentle Hands-On-Therapy incorporating Energy Transference and gentle physical manipulation. During the gentle physical manipulation energy passes through the hands of the Practitioner into the Recipient relaxing the physical body and promoting a sense of well-being. This form of ‘hands-on-healing’ is not based on a religion or faith.  It can be experienced by anyone who is willing to receive it.

How is MUHET applied?

It is beilieved by many that ‘healing’ energy is channelled through the Practitioner and into the Recipient (see REIKI and Healing under the CAP Tab).  This energy has knowledge and awareness and is directed by the practitioner to where it is needed.  The energy is believed to be applied on the Mind, the Body and the Spirit, unlike many other forms of ‘healing’ the energy is directed by the Practitioner.  The ‘healing’ energy is believed by many to travel to the deepest levels of a person’s being from where many believe deeply held spiritual issues originate, a treatment can be percieved to have a very profound effect on the Recipient.

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