Head:       The control centre of the body. Too much analysing results in headaches or migraines, or a general imbalance in the physical, emotional or spiritual level. Can be the repository for confusion and unexpressed emotion. ‘Remaining level headed’, and ‘Keeping your head above water’.

Eyes:      Inner seeing and feeling. The need to be seen by others, or not seeing their needs. Not seeing what is plainly in front of our own eyes, or what is ahead. The eyes are also connected to the sinus and link to unshed tears.

Ears:       Not being heard, or the ability to hear others. Creating blocks in our perception, and losing clarity of what is going on. Also effects high blood pressure and balance.

Throat:        Becoming ‘choked up’. The ability to express to others how we really feel. Difficulty in speaking ‘one’s truth’, or expressing too much negativity.

Neck:      The link between our intellectual and physical processes. A ‘stiff necked’ view, or inability to put your ‘neck on the line’. Rigidity of thought.

Chest:      Love Centre, Broken Heart, or Heartaches from the Past, Loss, Rejection, Emotional Pain and Anguish. The inability to Love or be Loved through the fear of losing. Asthma related to fear or insecurity, or even emotional anger.

Abdomen:      The Hara Centre. Storage area for Anger or Unresolved Issues. Lack of ‘Gut Feeling’, Indecision. No Guts.

Liver:       Anger stored over long periods of time. Long-term Insecurity.

Gallbladder:       Anger that has turned to bitterness.

Stomach:       Unable to digest aspects from the past such as old ideas or social conditioning. Difficulty in having to ‘stomach’ issues. Ulcers show the eating away of the gut, whilst ‘Butterflies in the Stomach’ represent anxiety of the future. Fear of change, or of possible disapproval.

Pancreas:       Losing the sweetness of life. Lack of Spark or the ‘Spice of Life’.

Spleen:       Unfinished Business, especially within Relationships. The need to ‘Vent One’s Spleen’. Sometimes related to the death of something close, e.g. person, lifestyle, job, etc.

Intestinal Tract:       Blockages, Constipation, unable to let go of the past, or old feelings. Holding in anger. Diarrhoea or colitis is letting go of the past without dealing with the issues.

Ovaries, Testicles and Uterus:      Deep sexual issues such as incest or abuse. Guilt to do with miscarriages, or abortion. Anger about sexuality.

Bladder:      Stored issues that need to be expressed. Being ‘pissed off’. Often relates to fears or guilt around sexuality.

Prostate:      Helplessness with birth or sexuality issues. Guilt to do with sex or sexual anger with women.

Hips:       Body’s physical support system. Stored problems result in excess fat, whilst being too vulnerable in life results in thinness. The inability to deal with changing environments.

Knees:       The body’s shock absorbers. The need for support for emotional or practical issues, and inflexibility in dealing with the ‘rough ground’ of life.

Ankles:       Difficulty in being able to react to rapidly changing circumstances. Lack of understanding or trying to analyse things not relevant to our progression.

Feet:       Lack of growing in life. Unable to ‘Take a Stand’ to ‘Stand Up’ for ourselves. Unable to ‘Stand something’ anymore. Difficulty in setting standards for the self.

Shoulders:       Burdens and responsibilities and the inability to ‘Shoulder’ those burdens. Tension, and the difficulty to deal with or carry the things we need in life. Feeling that the ‘whole world’ is on our shoulders.

Upper Back:       Too much giving and little receiving. Creating a rod for one’s own back. Repressed feelings of other’s ingratitude or guilt. Irritation, getting one’s ‘back-up’.

Adrenals /Kidneys:       Shock and trauma, stress and fear, inability’ to deal with the uncertainty in life. Over stretching of the nervous system.

Lower Back:       Uncomfortable with life. Stresses of life, doing too much. Barriers against the opposite sex.

Tailbone:       Survival instinct. Deep feelings and fear of success, or action in life.


The origins, functions and qualities of the Chakras.

The name Chakra arises from the fact that all energy requires itself to be organised. The word Chakra means, in Sanskrit, ‘wheel’. This describes very graphically what the energy involved is doing: it is spinning. Anything that spins creates an effect, usually electrical, in its vicinity. Because of this, the higher Chakric energy can affect the 1ower energies and matter itself.

The functions are to control and integrate the higher energies of the ethereal world and the lower energies of the physical world. They Co-ordinate the mechanical, electrical and chemical activities of the physical body with the needs of the spiritual being within the spiritual laws. They act as a transformer. Between the etheric field and the physical being, ensuring there is harmony between them

The Base Chakra.
This purely represents the will to live and the ability to ensure the survival of the individual.

The Sacral Chakra.
This is concerned with the reproductive capacity of the individual and the survival of its genetic constitution.
The combination of these two Chakras is necessary to sustain life in the most primitive organisms.

The Solar Plexus Chakra.
This is concerned with the development of social awareness. It also relates to the emotions and personal desires. Hence it becomes a psychic centre through its relationship with the astral world.

The Heart Chakra.
The first truly higher centre. This is the site of selfless love. The awareness of other’s needs as well as their presence. It is through this centre that growth and development can occur.

The Throat Chakra.
This is the centre of Spiritual Will It is the voice of the spirit as opposed to the ego. It is responsible for the directional development of the individual and its communication with others on a non-egotistical plane.

The Brow Chakra.
Is the site of the third eye and all its attendant activities. It is associated with clairvoyance combined with spiritual vision, Understanding and wisdom. It is also the centre of spiritual command.

The Crown Chakra.
The centre of Mastery, at-one-ness (atonement) with the Universe. In practice there is often such a bond between these last two Chakras, that they cannot be separated. Indeed, for them to work properly, they have to be closely united.

The relationship between the Chakras and the physical state.

The Base Chakra.
Related to the adrenal gland.
The organs that this Chakra is related to are the kidneys. These are organs of excretion and to some degree chemical control of the internal environment. It also has a relationship with the other excretory organs of the lower gut.

The Sacral Chakra.
Related to the endocrine glands of reproduction, the ovaries and the testes.
The organs that this Chakra is related to is the reproductive tracts of the organism and hence the wherewith-all to perpetrate the race.

The Solar Plexus Chakra.
Related to the pancreas.
The organs that this Chakra is related to are numerous and all associated with absorption of food and sustenance of the individual:
The welfare of the physical self. These organs include the stomach, part of the small intestine, the liver, the spleen and the non-endocrine part of the pancreas. The spleen is somewhat of an anomaly as it also is a secondary Chakra in its own right.

The Heart Chakra.
Related to the thymus gland.
The organs that this Chakra is related to are the lungs and the heart. These are organs that allow circulation within the organism and refreshment of the distant parts and therefore have an analogy to the concept of unselfishness and doing for others.

The Throat Chakra.
Related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
The organs that this Chakra relates to are the oesophagus, bronchus and voice production area. The organs of verbal and sound communication and connections.

The Brow Chakra.
Related to the pituitary gland.
This is more a spiritual Chakra than physical. The organ that it relates to is the brain and those functions that connect with information gathering and especially those functions that relate to will and command.

The Crown Chakra.
Related to the pineal gland.
There is no real organ, physically, that this Chakra relates to except for certain functions of the brain that are considered higher, such as abstract thought and conceptualisation. The Chakra is the connection, ultimately with the spirit.

METHODS OF PROTECTION (General principles to assist but not extensive:)



GUARDIAN ANGELS etc. [whomsoever you believe in])
Please surround and protect me with LOVE and LIGHT
Surround and protect me with the GOLD CHRIST LIGHT

Surround and protect me with St. GERMAINS VIOLET FLAME OF PROTECTION.

God before me, God behind me
God to the right of me, God to the left of me
God above me, God below me
God is with me wherever I go

I am a being of Violet Fire!
I am the purity God desires!

This decree purifies your aura of everything that is not of God (or whomsoever you believe in) and is useful to use prior to giving a Reiki or other energy Treatment.

1. Bubble of Protection
* Ground yourself and relax
* Imagine and sense yourself surrounded by a bubble of light (transparent or any colour that feels comfortable) which protects you from any negative energy
* Spend some time sensing this bubble all around you-
Over your head – under your feet
Down your front – down your back
Completely surrounding you
* Make sure you create a bubble which you feel comfortable and safe in
* If you would like try filling the bubble with symbols (such as the Pentacle, Star of David, Cross) or slogans (such as ‘Please Keep Out’, ‘No Negativity here Please’) on the outside of the bubble
* The more the bubble is used the stronger it will become

2. Shields
* Ground yourself and relax
* Shields can be of all different sizes and can be used over any part of the body or all of the body.
* Place the shield over any area that you feel is vulnerable (for example if someone is trying to dominate you, place the shield over the Solar Plexus
* Chose a shape and design which feels safe and strong
* Decorate your shield as you please – use symbols, colours etc.
* Shields can be put in place instantly whenever you feel unsafe

3. Flame
* This is good to make you feel more assertive
* Ground and relax yourself
* Visualise yourself as a bright burning flame
The base of the flame is under your feet deep in the ground
Your body is the core of the flame
Your aura is the bright flame
* Any negative vibrations burn up in the flame before they can reach you
* Try different colours for the flame and see which feels best. It may be that you need a different colour in different situations
* Traditionally Violet and / or gold were used.

4. Cloak
* Surround yourself in a magic cloak of protection
* It may be of one or more colours
* Pull it around you to feel its protection

5. Lead Curtain
* This is useful if you have to share your space with someone (e.g. in your office or at home)
* Visualise and sense a curtain hanging between you and the other person
* Make sure it goes right up to the ceiling and right down to the floor
* See and sense the curtain getting denser and denser and finally made from lead
* The curtain will protect you from the other person’s vibrations and also protect them from yours!

6. Protecting Your Home
* Use the bubble technique
* Sit quietly – become grounded and relaxed
* Sense your home (or office) is surrounded by a bubble of protection
* Breathe in light through your Crown Chakra and breathe it out into the bubble filling it with positive energy
* Sense the bubble becoming stronger and stronger
* Colour and decorate the bubble as described
* Use symbols over doors and windows or visualise something or someone standing in the doors or at the windows (e.g. a Policeman arresting any negative energy, or iron bars blocking the doors or windows etc.)


Before giving a Reiki or other energy Treatment it is good practice to ground yourself. This means that you connect to the Earth and all her energies. It is also valuable whenever you feel ‘Light Headed’ ‘Spacey’ or ‘Airy’.

  1. Stand in a relaxed position for three to five minutes, legs spread to shoulder width. Hold you arms stretched out at the sides of your body at shoulder level. Your Left palm should face upwards; your Right palm should face downwards.
  2. Stand in a relaxed position. Imagine that you are a tree and the roots of the tree spring from the bottom of your feet, down into the ground. Visualise them reaching right into the centre of the Earth, holding you firmly in place.


* Visualise your Chakras as Flowers (usually Lotus Flowers)
* See each Chakra flower as the colour associated with that Chakra (Red = Base)
* Close the petals on each Chakra. Starting at the Crown Chakra and working down.
* If flowers are not ‘your thing’ then visualise the Chakras as something that you can identify with (light switches, Traffic Lights etc.) then close down in the same way (light switch – off, traffic lights = RED)

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