The Chakras Explained Simply:

The meaning of Chakra has been gathered since ancient times.  The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit and means ‘spinning wheel’.
Chakras Explained Simply:  The chakras are energy vortices or spirals that exist within the etheric body.  A vortex is a swirling energy mass; that draws more energy into its centre when working correctly, or pushes the energy out of the centre when they are spinning in the reverse direction or Stagnant when the centre is static.  There are seven major chakras as well as other minor chakras.  These swirling energy centres are situated along the spinal column and are located between the base of the spine and the crown of the head.  There are also chakras in the sole of the feet and palms of the hands; these are considered as pairs giving 9 Chakra energy centres.

How Did Primitive People Discover Chakras?
Primitive people knew when they felt out of balance.  How did they know what caused their health problems?  Perhaps they intuitively knew the problem was linked to a certain part of their body.  Information on the chakras and the meanings of the chakras can be found in ancient texts, these meanings have been substantiated by modem man using current equipment.  Yet these ‘primitive’ people had none of this equipment and did not need it either.  How can this be explained?  Perhaps they simply knew what action to take, intuitively.  Perhaps these people who lived so long ago were able to use their innate gifts to find the energy centres of the body.  The Indian `vedic texts’ were the earliest known place where this information was recorded.  These ancient healers began to associate various parts of the body with such things as their emotions, their physical state, and their spiritual being.  It was also in ancient times when people first began to associate particular natural crystals with healing.  They worked out the location of various chakras and the chakra meanings.  Then using intuition; how to use various special natural crystals for healing, using this ancient information combined with our current knowledge we now know that the concept of chakras is actually true.

Where Are The Chakras Located?
There are seven major chakras located between the base of the spine and the crown of the head and each governs specific bodily functions.  There are also chakras in the palms of the hands and sole of the feet, there are also chakras located below the feet and above the head.  We also have now become aware of the thymus chakra also known as the higher heart chakra.  It is not one of the main seven chakras, but is located in the chest between the heart and throat chakras.
The lst Chakra: the Base Chakra: located at the base of the spine, it governs survival base level instincts, the sex drive and physical life.
The 2nd Chakra: The Sacral Chakra: located below the navel, it governs the area of the sacrum which is the large bone of the pelvis between the hip bones. It is associated with your emotions, sensuality, intimacy, sexuality and creativity.
The 3rd Chakra: The Solar Plexus Chakra: located in the centre of the stomach it governs the complex network of nerves in the stomach.  It may also be called the power chakra, as it is the area governing personal power, along with relationships with others.
The 4th Chakra: The Heart Chakra: located in the centre of the chest near the heart.  It is associated with love, compassion, unconditional love and happiness.
The Higher Heart Chakra: is called the Thymus Chakra and is located in the upper chest just above and to the right of the heart chakra, between the heart and throat chakras.  This area is where intent originates, and the energy of this chakra connects the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness with the area where language originates, encouraging you to speak from the heart.
The 5th Chakra: The Throat Chakra: located above the collar bone.  It governs the area of the throat and the ears.  It is associated with communication.
The 6th Chakra: The Third Eye Chakra: located in the centre of the forehead above the eyebrows.  It governs the area of the pineal gland, the pineal gland has been believed since ancient times to be where ‘second sight or psychic sight was located.
The 7th Chakra: The Crown Chakra: located at the crown of the head, right above the top of the head, It is associated with the pituitary gland, spirituality, intelligence and deep thought.

The chakras that are located below the feet and above the head are not included in the chakra listed, as they are not within the body.
The chakra below the feet is the earth chakra.  Known as the Grounding Chakra it is also called the Earth Star Chakra: located below the feet.  It governs the principle of ensuing that you are able to ground your excess energy into the earth.

There are a number of transpersonal chakras above the crown chakra.  The Eighth Chakra main is located above the crown chakra, a hand width above the head and is called the Soul Star Chakra.  It governs the ability to link the conscious mind with the Higher Self or soul.  It is associated with spirituality, enlightenment and ascension.

What Do Chakras Do?
All of the chakras above the heart are known to aid development of psychic gifts, but the third eye chakra is predominantly the chakra for developing these abilities.  You may be aware that energy flows within the physical body, but did you realize that the energy that flows within the etheric body will affect you not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually?  The smaller minor points are called meridians and are the lines of energy flow used by acupuncturists.  The chakra meanings for the heart chakra and those above, are often associated with your spiritual journey.  Within the human energy field there are thousands of minor chakras, but the chakra meanings for these are not included here.  When we speak of the chakras it is usual to speak of the seven major chakras along with the hands and feet.  If you have some imbalance in your system it may indicate that the chakra is not spinning properly.  Chakra balancing may be needed to improve your health and bring the chakras back to a state of perfect balance.  Although in normal circumstances, you are born with your chakras in balance, it does not take long for life’s experiences to cause a state of imbalance to occur, these blocks in the energy flow within the human energy field may cause anything from Minor illnesses or a sense of feeling not quite right, through to a mayor illness.

List of Chakra Colours:
See the list of the particular colours and sounds (vibrations) that are associated with each chakra.  For healing, you may use these specific colours or vibrations to heal each of the chakras.  Healing crystals of those specific colours or vibrations will work on individul chakras:

The chakra colours are:
•   Earth star chakra:  Black & Brown
•   Base chakra:  Red & Black
•   Sacral chakra:  Orange
•   Solarplexus chakra:  Yellow
•   Heart chakra:  both Green & Pink
•   Thymus or Higher Heart chakra:  Pink, Green, Turquoise, Aqua & Bright White.
•   Throat chakra:  Blue
•   Third Eye chakra:  Purple & Indigo
•   Crown chakra:  Violet & White
•   Soul Star or Eighth chakra:  Bright White.

There are many stones/crystals scattered throughout the various chakras that will aid you with psychic protection.  This is very important for everyone to know about, but especially of interest if you are doing spiritual development or working in psychic employment.

Examples of chakra stones for each Chakra
Black Tourmaline  –  Earth Star Chakra Stone
Ruby  –  Base or Root Chakra Stone
Carnelian  –  Sacral or Navel Chakra Stone
Yellow Apatite  –  Solar Plexus Or Power Chakra Stone
Rose Quartz  –  Heart Chakra Stone
Dioptase  –  Thymus or I`Iigher Heart Chakra Stone
Blue Lace Agate  –  Throat Chakra Stone
Sodalite  –  Third Eye Chakra Stone
Lilac Lepidolite  –  Crown Chakra Stone
Selenite  –  Soul Star Chakra Stone

How to use Chakra Stones:
There are various stones/crystals of other related colours, and mixed colour stones that can be used as well.  Once you know the chakra meanings it may be easier to acquire the natural crystals of the chakra colours.  Many high vibrational stones with strong crystal energy will assist the area of the human energy field from the heart up.  These chakras are very closely associated with the spiritual area within the etheric body.  Use these stones to help you to develop your
psychic powers, including clairvoyant abilities, clairaudience, find your spirit guide and to develop your intuition.  Using natural crystals of the two lowest chakras, the earth star and base chakras, can be of benefit, and these are important chakra stones.  The chakra meanings of the lower chakras are associated with grounding you This is valuable to know about as it is easy to get ungrounded when you work with high vibration stones and spiritual grounding is extremely valuable, definitely something to be aware of.

Take action to balance your chakras:
Sometimes it is your emotions that alert you to the fact that you are experiencing an imbalance, especially when you feel that familiar feeling in the pit of the stomach, or solar plexus.  So you need to take action to bring your chakras back to perfect balance, if you need to make changes in your life, it may be the feelings you experience in your chakras that can alert you.  To make a difference in the quality of your life, you would be wise to use the knowledge you have gained of the chakra meanings.  “Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”

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